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Welcome to the Freedom Fighters Online Gaming Community Website!

Please use the menu on the left to find out information about our Community, the games we used to play, their league details and our current games we are enjoying.

The Freedom Fighters Community was formed in 1999 as a small Squad to play Freespace 2; a game which is still recognised as being the best space combat sim ever. In 2001 the Squad ventured into the world of MechWarrior 4 where they were joined by many members from other leading Freespace 2 Squads such as the Dying Star Alliance and 79th Tango Squadrons. This was to become the basis of the Freedom Fighters Online Gaming Community.


Since then we have moved into other games such as Counter-Strike, Medieval Total War, WarCraft III, Day of Defeat, Call of Duty and Eve Online. More recent games being played have been War Thunder, Mechwarrior Online and the newest one, Star Citizen!

The Freedom Fighters community has grown from its original 4 founding members into a Community boasting well over 100 members from all around the world.

The ideals of the Freedom Fighters have always been the same and will continue to hold true for many years to come, these are to play with honour, integrity and most importantly to have fun playing games with friends.

So whether you're a returning member, a new member, are thinking of joining us or just found this website whilst surfing the net, enjoy your time at the home of the Freedom Fighters and please feel free to visit the Community Forum and make a post.




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